Highlights 2015

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It’s been a good year that started off with nothing but fun and games. Flying airplanes and snowboarding in Sweden. Biking and kayaking in California. Riding the American coast to coast on a motorbike then hanging out in Miami. Buying the new Audi then driving a Ferrari. Beer in Prague and then the walk from Falkenberg to Copenhagen. The sunny island of Mallorca and a lot of tennis/ golf before the road trip to France. A road trip to Norway plus five or so trips to Denmark. I had my carpenters doing various work for customers all summer. I started going with a big Swedish real estate developer to get some insights into his business. I sold one house in Sweden then bought some land and a bigger commercial property with 4 apartments and a restaurant. Booked a flight to Florida, where a friend and I ended up buying FIVE houses! Another flight back to Sweden, where I am now and guess what. The year is almost over :(












I’m sorry if I come across as an arrogant douchebag. I just found a blog post like this by Richard Branson and wanted to do something similar. I feel spoiled when I think of everything I have got to experience. Spoiled and a bit nervous. It will be a very hard year to beat!

Thanks for dropping by today! I’m off to get hold of a christmas three.



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