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A hotel view from last week.

This is the hotel view from a place called Örenäs castle. I like staying in hotels in Sweden because they have the best breakfasts in the world. Another benefit is the old surroundings you can end up in. Like here, in a 200 year old castle overlooking Öresund. Castle like this won’t be built in […]

Berte Bed n’ Breakfast

A while back I mentioned that Id like to open a small boutique hotel somewhere in the far south of Iberia (Spain or Portugal). Then, just this morning, I remembered some good friends of mine did that same thing, only here in Sweden. Daniel and Ulrika restored some rooms in their barn and made some […]

just thinking

As I can’t stand winters in Scandinavia, having an alternative life is a must. Last winter (spent in California) most of my stimulation came from working online. It was all pretty good, but didn’t quite make me feel as fulfilled as I wanted. So. I will need something more. Then it hit me. When playing […]