Buying land and ranches

I just read about this guy called Stan Kroenke. He is buying land has just got his hands on another ranch.

buying land

This last ranch that he bought is located in Texas and has some more than 1,000 operating oil wells. It’s about 30 000 acres (12 200 hektar) and became his for some 700 000 000 million USD. Kroenke is one of the largest private landowners in the US and owns ranches in Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, British Columbia and now Texas. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

The most expensive ranch ever sold in the United States so far is Trinchera Ranch in Colorado. It is owned by the Forbes family.

So, is buying land any good? Well, here is where I’m at.

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As I have said millions of times I'm always looking for good business. This summer that hunt for good deals has taken me to land that could be turned into…

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