Where to Find Land for Sale by Owner (guest post by LandHub)

You can reap a lot of benefits if you only know where to find land for sale by owner. However, sometimes, finding them is almost next to impossible. If you try looking for cheap land to buy, the people who commonly make the most of the negotiations are realtors and real estate agents.

There are tons of benefits if you know where you can find the landowner. First, you can bargain directly about the price you like. You can be flexible about your negotiations. You can offer to pay debts, taxes, only if the landowner can give you a lower price.

Second is the opportunity to claim an abandoned land. Knowing the whereabouts of the owner is the only way to prove that this person has indeed left his property. If you have seen the proof that the previous owner of the house has abandoned the property, you can claim it as yours.

Therefore, if buying land, you can get the most significant value if you can locate its owner.

How to Find the Owner of a Vacant Land

Because of the growth in technology, you can find almost everyone you like including the landowners of your dream property. You can find them in one of the following ways:

  • Classified ads

  • Your ads

  • Website listings

Some owners advertise their land on local newspapers and city websites. You can also visit some reputable websites offering classified ads services like Craigslist to find the property you like and to contact the seller directly.

Sometimes, some landowners refuse to advertise their land. The only means they have to announce that they are selling their property is through word of mouth. To reach these sellers, you can try to put up your ads.

You can indicate your specifications about the land so that if a seller comes across your ad, this person will contact you.

There are some websites that niches on land for sale by owner (FSBO). You can utilize this website to find the owner of the area you like. There is also some website that allows you to search for property registries. You can also use this site to find the landowner.

Where to Buy the Cheapest Land

Now that you know how to find the landowner, your next question can be, “Where to buy the cheapest land?” You can search for properties owned by the government. You can buy land from auctions and surplus sales.

The cheapest lands are away from the cities and establishments offering essential goods such as grocery stores and gas stations. If you can find the owner of one of these lands, you can negotiate for a lower price.

Also, you can get a house for free if you can prove that the owner has abandoned the property. You can test it by finding out that the owner is dead, and this person has no relatives to claim it. You can also prove it by squatting for several years, which is a riskier option.

You can find the landowner in a variety of ways and get the best deal for the property. If you know where to find land for sale by owner, you will reap a lot of benefits.