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Iphone Sunset

I took a bunch of wide-angle photos and put them together. An iPhone Sunset :) It’s from the balcony of our friends beach condo in Saint Petersburg Beach Florida. There is a hotel next door called “The Don Cesar”. I’m pretty sure Winston Churchill stayed there for a few days during WW2. He had been […]

Supermoon photos by my brother in law.

I have two of those now, (brother in laws, not supermoons). Feels great! One of them helped us taking photos on our wedding. To prepare for the task he kept my camera in order to practice. When I got it back after the cermonies I found these supermoon pictures on the memory card. As I […]

The last few photos from San Diego

I guess this is super unprofessional. But I’ll keep doing it anyways. I found a few photos on my computer that I took in San Diego some 6 weeks ago and I wanted to share them before deleting. It’s a nice house on a hill they call Bankers Hill. Great location just outside downtown with […]

Some random photos.

My girlfriend took these photos a few days ago. She started writing a blog about health and wellsness so we are getting in to the same business. Feels great to me. I had the photos on my computor and figured Id might as well share them. It’s a nice spot by the beach where they […]