More old Tampa photos

I know I have kept publishing a ton of photos from Tampa even though I’m not there anymore. It just feels so much better. For some reason, having photos of Skyscrapers on my blog makes me feel nice. Because of that, here come another few:






And that’s about if, for now.. I know it’s super unprofessional and I’m a very unprofessional blogger, but I just like them Skyscrapers. Tampa usually has really nice lighting too.

Today us Tuesday and I’ll be off on a bit of a business trip with a big developer. We are looking at lot’s in Göteborg, Karlstad, Västerås and Stockholm. My plan is to bring the camera and make sure to get some new, SWEDISH photos that’s more recent. Then I have my girlfriend flying in on Thursday. That’s good too. She usually takes better photos than me, so that might help provide better content too?

Have a great day!