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Real Estate Vlog nr. 5

My Real Estate VLOG nr. 5 But this one has less to do with real estate than the others I’m afraid. We went to Germany to buy a ton of alcohol for my sister’s wedding. However. As we spent time in the car we listened to some pretty nice real estate podcasts from BiggerPockets. You […]

Going on the Train?

My girlfriends parents are coming to Europe in July with the ambition to see some of our older cities. As it’s super expensive to get rid of a car in central London, Paris and Rome I think we will use the train to get around. I definitely prefer driving, but giving the locations I think […]

My Budapest review

A Budapest review because I spent the last few days in Hungary. As I was a bit too lazy to bring my computer and big camera, I only updated my Instagram during the trip. My account is HERE. And speaking of accounts. I have one on YOUTUEBE as well. I want subscribers there too. If […]