My Budapest review

A Budapest review because I spent the last few days in Hungary. As I was a bit too lazy to bring my computer and big camera, I only updated my Instagram during the trip. My account is HERE. And speaking of accounts. I have one on YOUTUEBE as well. I want subscribers there too. If you feel like it that is. It makes me feel better about publishing stuff, having people interacting with it.

Here is my Budapest review.

I love the place :) They have cheap and tasty beer, nice and spicy food, thermal baths great accomodation and 28 degrees celcius in April. Perfect place for a weekend. Done :)

Budapest review

Or almost done. I’ll do a little bit more.

Budapest has some super cool places, including Castle Hill, Gellért Hill, The Hungarian National Museum, Parliament Buildings, Heroes’ Square and the Millennium Monument, Budapest’s Busiest Boulevard – Andrássy út, Margaret Island, Margaret Bridge and its Baths.

About the baths, they are thermal baths so heated by mother earth. Super nice places, most of them. There are several big ones, including Gellert and Rudas. We went to one called Széchenyi. Very cool.

We also spent one day taking a train to Mosonmagyaróvár where I have a friend who has a big shop in which he wrought iron. If you want a gate or something, let me know!

Before wrapping my Budapest review up Id like to talk about the food, because I loved it. The main spice in Hungary is paprika with which they make goulash, meat stew, stuffed cabbage, Hurka & Kolbász (sausages) and dumplings. Not very healthy at all. Especially since it’s consumed with not one, but a few beers.. Id like to say that the Hungarians stick to an HCHF diet (hign carb, high fat) :)

And there we are. Lars Dyrendahl‘s Budapest Review. The worst guide ever.. I hope you are having a nice day! Talk to you tomorrow.