Yay :) Or. Well..

It’s kind of funny. I see myself as an entrepreneur. My interest is business and investments. I make most of my money on real estate. I love writing about those things here on my blog and spend tons of time trying to put together really valuable material for people with similar interests. All of this is my passion. So what get’s me most attention? Neither of the above. Rather the random horse videos I create every once in a while when with my family… Suppose that is nice, but feels a bit weird..

Today a new horse magazine published a video of mine three months after I first launched it and had it published in a few other ones. Suppose there is a bit of irony to it all, but I still love the attention. I have decided to feel like it’s a sort of positive feedback on my video editing skills :) So. Thanks Robert for sharing my creation on your awesome site Chevalmedia.se!


If you want to see the video, it’s here:



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