18 things.

I found a list from Business Insider about the first 18 things successful people do as they start their day in the office. It’s pretty clever and has some good points for sure. The only problem is that a lot of successful people tend to NOT live their lives behind a desk in an office full of co-workers?? Anywasy, here we go:

1. They reflect. To achieve the best results it is necessary to reflect on what you have done, what you do and what you have to do.

2. They take a break and stay present in the moment. It may sound like an advice from the Buddha, but if you are fully present, you will be able to manage the day in front of you, instead of the day managing you.

3. They make sure that they are comfortable. Successful people take a moment to make sure the office chair has the right height and that’s what they need, such as telephone, keyboard and mouse, are within reach.

4. They organize their workplace. Not being able to find what you want on a messy desk is a waste of time.

5. The stretch, stand and walk. Stretching and other movement allows one to get going and feel ready for the day.

6. They take a look at the to-do list and prioritize. Successful people often have a lot on their plate. But all is not as important and some projects have to go ahead of others. To do simple things in the morning is also unwise as it usually is when you are most alert.

7. They visualize success. By visualizing success and then backward engineer it, one can determine the steps necessary to achieve success.

8. They adjust their calendar and plan their day.

9. They don’t multitask. It may be tempting to do several things at once in the morning when your energy is highest but you will pay for later in the day. Research at Stanford suggests that multitasking is less productive than doing one thing at a time.

10. They foresee distractions. Everybody is distracted during a working day, but to predict the distractions is a first step toward minimizing them. It can be talkative fellow, unnecessary meetings or social media.

11. They say no. Diplomatically and politely say no to some things allows you to focus on what is most important.

12. They ignore the negativity. To dwell on what happened yesterday or think too much about any future challenge is not relevant.

13. They take the time to greet colleagues. This is especially important if you manage. To move up in a company, it is also necessary to be social with other people.

14. By talking with the employees can see if they are motivated and committed.

15. They smile and laugh. Many successful people start the day by watching something funny to get a laugh and make sure that you have the right attitude for the day.

16. They pause for a moment to be grateful.

17. They are considering how they can help others.

18. The checking emails, strategically. A messy email basket can easily become a distraction and therefore it is important to check it strategically. Successful people understand this and are prioritizing the emails that are important and always responds to them asap.



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  1. Erik

    I suppose most people in real estate work on their own but they still have to do some work in an office sometimes?

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