4th of December

So 20 days left until Christmas. 20 days of whatever one might want to be doing. As for me. Business business business business business business business and more business. I love business!

And. I’m thinking it might be about time to get a haircut again. That requires a little trip. As I used to spend a lot more time in Sweden before I promised myself to never ever get a haircut in Sweden again. This forced me to take a trip at least a few times a year to take care of my hair. Now. almost 5 years later. I have still kept that promise. So. If I want to get my hair done before January when I’m flying back to California, I will have to take a trip somewhere closer.


And best ever haircut? I Vietnam. Definitely! I was well taken care of for almost 3 hours and had 4 girls who wanted to marry me. Good for self confidence. The picture below is from some business that didn’t work out. We would have been the first distributors in Scandinavia of Aloe Vera juice but it tasted like a mix of Hungarian nuclear waste and lot’s of other stuff I can’t mention. Pity.