Happy Friday

Here are some top-tips.

If you speak swedish. There are some good “sommarprat”. Go to sr.se, then p1, then program, find “sommar & vinter i P1”, click it, find the tab “Lyssna på program” then browse among all “sommarpratare”. My favourites from this year is “Björn “nalle” Wahlroos”, “Oskar Kihlborg”, “Fredrik Wikingsson” and “Börje Salming”. If you look throug older ones you will also find stuff like “Niklas Zennströn (founder of Skype)”, “Daniel Ek ( founder of Spotify)”, “Yngwie Malmsteen (legend)”, “Elin Kling” and many many more. Listening to the right people makes you bring out your best. Always listen to the right people.

Then I found two videos this morning. And I liked them. It’s Warren Mickelson (professional skier). He’s trying to hitchhike from Gilford, New Hampshire, to the Gumball 3000 starting grid in Miami, Florida in 8 days. If he makes (read made) it, he’d get a ride with Jon Olsson during the Gumball 3000. It’s some sweet entertainment. Watch it and know that life is fun and you are a free to FUC. around the world in whatever way suits you. Make sure your life is the way you want it to be!!

Finally. Here is a good “Friday” song. For some reason it makes me insanely happy. I keep dancing in my car all the time. (dancing in my car means bouncing on the seat and singing) … If you decide to listen to it right now, make sure you have a good sound system/ headset connected and can crank it up. As you listen. Think of yourself driving around in a brand new Audi R8 with a smoking hot chick (or Robin (Gabriella)) next to you going wherever you want (along the street you grew up, through Europe, down Hollywood Boulevard, in Monaco or …)

See you later :)

Forgot.. This one makes Happy Friday!