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Very good day today! I just finished a perfect deal back home. I have this apartment building in my village. It’s almost as centrally located as possible with only one house more “in the middle”. That’s the neighbour. Or was the neighbour. Now it’s me. I bought the place :)

It’s a stone house with a pizzeria at the bottom and two floors with apartments on top of that. I also bought a lot in between my old house and the one I just bought on which I can build a third building the same size. Not bad, huh?


The photo above is of the house I bought. Look closely and you will see my other house on the right. A similar brick house. The lot where I can build a third house is between the two.

Awesome day! I feel great about this deal. Need to figure out some kind of celebration. A new car to use here in Florida? Definitely some champagne tonight. Anything else?



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  1. Denni

    Grattis till en lyckad affär=) Fastighetsimperiet växer!

  2. larsdyrendahl

    Tack Denni!

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