Stay fit!

I follow a super simple strategy to stay fairly fit, happy and energized. As I know psychologists say that repetition is the mother of success I wanted to create something that I could easily follow and keep doing for years to come. So, since November last year, here is what I do:

1. Walk at least 10 000 steps/ day. This can be done anywhere and at whatever time. It can be divided into several smaller walks and portioned out over the day. The benefits of these steps are enormous as your body get’s some well needed movement and you also make time for some thinking.

2. Some kind of exercise. This does not have to be much, but something has to be done every day. For me, a good exercise can be a game of tennis, squash, surfing, a 30 minute run, the gym or just doing pushups, pull-ups and sit-ups for 15 minutes at home or in the hotel room.

The BUT.. If I for some reason find it hard to exercise I am allowed to change it for another 10 000 steps. This comes in handy sometimes when travelling and I want to see new stuff, walk around in a new city or after playing 18 holes of golf with its approx. 15 000 steps.




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This works really well for me and I have no problem keeping it up as I feel such pleasure when doing it. In the end it also helps me eat better as I don’t want to waste the efforts on excessive drinking or over eating of trash food. I know this might not be perfect for you, but feel free to try it and alter it into something you believe will work for you. As mentioned earlier, you must be able to make it a routine you can live with.



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