A few little things.

I have this thing.. Not very Rockstar. I’m very economical. And that comes back and bites me in the a.. at times.

I’ll break it down for you. Being economical (meaning good at stretching a dollar) has been crucial to my success in real estate. All money saved when restoring, building and working on properties directly translates into bigger profits. So. Thank god I’m economical.

Thanks to some good upbringing by my parents I don’t think I’m “cheap” towards anyone else than myself. If so, tell me and punch me in the stomach! I really want to be generous towards the people that means something to me.

And that brings us to the final thing. The challenge if you will.. As I said I really don’t want to be cheap to anyone of all the lovely people around me. To my self however is a different story.. I can be really cheap on myself. Sometimes good as I sometimes get a lot of experiences for not so much money, but sometimes it goes too far. I’ll give you an example.

Doing this motorbike trip has taken me to 25 different hotels so far. All American hotels that are less than 100 USD (which is the ones I have used to not spend a million on this trip) only serve the same “Continental Breakfast”.. When I’m at home, I eat one orange, one grapefruit and top them off with some hazelnuts and cranberries. A Great breakfast! Sadly, there are no oranges or grapefruits on the continental breakfasts. There are only sugary cereals and pancakes. Giving how cheap I am to myself, I have stuck to the cereals. Now, after almost a month, I feel a small lack of energy that I bet comes from the bad breakfasts. Stupid!


What I should do is buy the breakfast, I want at the supermarket and then have my usual good breakfast. Not making it me feel stupid and I know I’m being too cheap on myself and it makes me loose energy. With energy I can get more done in a day. When I get more done in a day I make more money. More money can pay for grapefruit and oranges. So. I need to change that right now.

And that concludes it. Sorry for this weird blog post. It’s like me thinking in writing words. Anyways, some of you might learn something from it. Always give yourself the best circumstances to be your best!