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A few little things.

I have this thing.. Not very Rockstar. I’m very economical. And that comes back and bites me in the a.. at times. I’ll break it down for you. Being economical (meaning good at stretching a dollar) has been crucial to my success in real estate. All money saved when restoring, building and working on properties […]


I’m eating oranges and grapefruit from Florida. Locally produced haselnuts, cranberries and then some coconut flakes from Barbados. But that’s not all. I’m also having some coffee from Colombia and a glass of water from our own land. Gotta love logistics. It’s pretty awsome beeing able to get hold these things from all over the […]

keeping up to date

Whenever I’m out of Sweden my favourite way of keeping up to date is by following one of Swedens biggest economy papers. I always catch up on things as I’m having my morning coffee. Dagens Industri is as serious as newspapers get at home. They present one of few good alternatives that really brings you […]