Only happy when I work

Sound crazy right? Well. If you find something you love, things might change a bit, don’t you think? What I do makes almost everything work. I like that. Reading is work. Watching a movie for inspiration is work. Going for a walk or listening to a podcast is work. Going for a drive to look at houses is work. Making a YouTube video is work. Writing is work. Traveling to meet inspiring people is work. Looking at supercars is work. Almost everything is work.

Looking at supercars work? I want a supercar because I know a lot of you who read my blog would enjoy seeing one in my videos. It also requires me to make more money and to make more money you really need to want them. Daydreaming about driving around in a supercar really makes me want the money to buy one.

It is all about motivation. Creating motivation is work. So is obtaining knowledge, meeting with people, learning about stuff and so on. Below is a picture from a seven week road trip I did last year. There are videos from the trip on my YouTube channel. And was that work too? Of course it was! I made tons of time for thinking, dreaming and studying. I read multiple books, listened to hours and hours of podcasts and planned my next moves in the business. So again, I’m only happy when I work.




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