A house? Certainly, sir :)

So you want a new house?

Just delivered a cabin from Enkelrum to a property owner outside Varberg, Sweden. These cabins are called Attefallshus after our former minister of housing who made it a lot easier to get building permits for cabins under 25 sqm.

The idea of the small houses is pretty clever as you don’t need more for one person. That makes for cheaper housing options in popular areas. Or cheap. These little cabins can actually be pretty expensive. There are some real estate developers in Stockholm who builds semi detached houses and then adds an attefallshus as a third apartment. They manage to sell those small apartments for 1,5 million SEK!! And that’s on a pretty average location.

And Enkelrum by the way. A friend of mine has this company where he builds cabins up to 30 square meters. He builds them so that they can be lifted into place which means they can be delivered after they have been finished. All the customer has to do is order it and wait. He then gets a completely finished cabin delivered and ready to be used that same day. Like the one I talked about earlier:




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