Im still Alive!

Fighting the super deadly smog that’s covering big parts of the United Kingdom right now. Apparently some dust from Sahara causing it all. And, I’m not sure it’s that deadly. I was out all day yesterday and didn’t notice anything more than a light mist, so might be that I make it another day.


London is very beautiful, if a bit cramped for my taste. Especially coming from the United States which is very much the opposite. However, a cramped city makes for interesting real estate business and I just found something out.


As I visited a few Real Estate agents yesterday we started talking about how creative they have been here in London giving the lack of space. They have studios in almost all basements and were among the first to start building apartments in the lofts of all old buildings.


Now there is a new trend. As stores in the city centre are struggling more and more giving their competition from easy accessible shopping centres in the outskirts of town there is a lot of retail space available on some pretty good locations. As retail isn’t making the tenants enough money, what they do now is convert the spaces to apartments.


This makes for some very good apartments as people still want to live in the city even though they prefer to do their shopping in the suburbs. So. There it is. Top Tip that should work really well in Sweden as well. Find central retail space in the cities, remake it into apartments and cash in.


I’m definitely going to keep my eyes open for this kind of investments as I think there is a lot of money to be made.