Best Real Estate Exterior

To me, the Best Real Estate Exterior is BLOCK!

This is a tiny sample from my book. It’s a short un-edited text about my favourite building material.

Best Real Estate Exterior

From the book:

A block house is built of stone. Stones are solid. That means the house will be solid. That is perfect for something that you want to own for a long time. Block houses are usually the best types of houses to hold and rent and they will be worth paying a premium for.

When you inspect a block house, start by looking for cracks. Cracks wider than a few millimeters indicates settlement or structural issues which can be a hassle. If you are interested in a house that looks to have structural issues, bring in an expert to have a look before you buy.

For houses made of bricks, make sure that the joints look nice even and solid. If they don’t, chances are that bad joint compound was used and you will have to do expensive repairs. You don’t want to find big chunks of joint compound falling out. This problem is more common in colder climates and often a result of water going into the joints and freezing, creating pressure.