I bought some new Boots. Blundstone. And what a good shoe it is! You can walk through mud, water, dirt or whatever might be on your way without getting cold or wet feet. Boots are genius!


Yesterday was good. Today will be better. That’s how it all should be. Your goal in life? Make everyday better! It’s easy. Just like playing golf. All it takes is to hit the right length and the right direction. Improve the two and you will get better.

Me and my buddy Tobias actually had some thoughts on how to improve. We looked at it like a chain. Never stronger than its weakest link. To improve yourself, start breaking your qualities down then work on the one you find to be your weakest. It could be social skills, the way you dress, the way you talk or pretty much anything. It makes it easy as you only need to think about one thing at the time. When that quality is up, find what was before your second worst (now the worst) and start working that one. Easy! You’ll be a star in no time!

Working with the head is important. We need confidence and a good persona to succeed. You want to be likable, friendly, aware and most of all happy. That gives you momentum. Money follows momentum.

Now go out and take over the world! :p And happy friday!