I would never buy one.

Says I who drive around in a white (and partly brownish) 500 € Toyota. But.. I meet lot’s of Dacia Dusters down here, and they have something going for them. I like their presence. Their exterior is nice. (interior not so).

As I have seen them coming (in masses here in France) I came to think of an old commercial for the car. I find that commercial pretty funny. Enjoy:

As for the trip. I’m in the surfing Mecca of Hossegor. Spent most day yesterday on the Trial in the gigantic pine forests north of here. Today is a work day. Very luxurious 2 dish lunch and coffee while spending approx. 6 hours in front of the computer going through e-mails, working on Equobiz videos, working on a farmbiz site (and new video), working on a new site for a Swedish saddle sales man, paying some bills, planning a new Ikea kitchen for one of the apartments back home, planning the next few weeks and more.

It might sound as if this was all the work I did. But no. This is the work I do while on WiFi. When not I’m writing on a book, translating some documents I have written to English, edit videos and educate myself by reading books, listening to podcasts, reading newspapers and articles on interesting subjects and THINK!

So even though my life is a holiday, it’s a holiday with quite a bit of stuff to do. Why? Because I want to get ahead! It is stimulating to be in control of your life, your emotions and your future. My life is exactly the way I want it to be. Is yours?