Buying Houses is an investment in LIFESTYLE

People buying houses also invest in a lifestyle. Knowing about what people enjoy in your area can help you increase your profits.

The world is pretty big and people live differently in the different parts. My main markets are Sweden and Florida and they are good examples of this.

Sweden has a cold climate with very limited hours of uninterrupted sunshine. As a result a good Swedish house is designed to make the most of the little light we get. That means lot’s of big windows facing the sun, clever decks in corners without wind etc.

Florida has a warm climate with a hot sun the shines pretty much every day of the year. As a result a good house in Florida is designed to keep the light and the heat out. Less and smaller windows facing the sun, limited outdoor space and porches to shade.

Knowing what people want in the area you work on will help you appeal to a lot more customers. No matter if you are flipping, building or restoring to rent, do your best to appeal to your local market. Find out how people want to live in your are and cater to them.

Below is a good example of a good lifestyle home. Our buddy’s place by the Gulf. Big house, pool, big garage at the bottom floor and the boat out front. It does get a lot of sun, but also covers a lot of popular features when it comes to Florida Living.

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The same house and the same friends are also featured in this video that I did a few weeks ago: