Look around, ask around.

As you buy a new house there is a lot to look out for. One of all those thing is the surroundings and where the actual building is placed in relation to water, roads, parking etc.

There are a village 5 kilometers from where I grew up where they built about 25 houses along a small river. As they did a few of the elders in the area warned the builders and said that the river had flooded past where they were building back in the 1920’s. As a result all the houses were flooded when we got some heavy rain last year. The photo below is from the days of the flooding:


When you buy a house, have a look around and make sure there are no dangers near by. Giving the impact these things can have its important to get it right. An easy way to do so is to ask people in the area. They will tell you how bad the storms hit, if there has been flooding and if in Florida if there has been any sinkholes etc.