Learn to outsource work

Lars’s top tips on how we can learn to outsource work:

I have a few things that have helped me outsource more work that I otherwise would have done. I know this might sound weird, but hear me out.

I believe that it’s good to do a lot of work yourself as you start out. It helps you learn how houses and tasks are done. Very helpful in the future.

Later in the career you will realise that most of the money comes from good investments, not a ton of work and saving money by doing everything yourself. We therefor have to change our focus from saving and working to finding and buying.

This was hard for me, but I have a good strategy. Make it impossible for you to do the jobs, then you have to find someone else. I travel a lot, that’s a good way of doing it. I also sold my mower. Helped as well. There is one thing now though, that works against me. It’s my dads truck. It makes me do more myself, because it’s easy and efficient. I need to stop using his truck.

outsource work