I find the Jaguar E-Type very cool.

The Jaguar E-Type was launched at Geneva motor show in March 1961. The owner of Jaguar was already there with one car, but got to the conclusion that he would probably need two cars for the reveal. He phoned back to Britain and told his most trusted test driver to get in a car and drive it to Geneva over night. A pretty cool adventure for the test driver giving that he needed to get there a lot quicker than any speed limits would allow..

jaguar e-type

The car had a monocoque construction, independent rear suspension and all-round disc brakes which was very advanced at the time. It had a powerful engine and was a true supercar by 1960’s standard. They still managed to sell it for just under $3 300 (approximately $50 000 in todays value).

It was the bargain of the century and I think it looks just as beautiful today as when they launched it. It holds a significant higher value thou.. A used Jaguar will set you back around $130 000. $250 000 if you want a convertible..