RV PROFITS – We earned money on it!

RV profits… Most people never see those two words together, but we did :) RV PROFITS!

We (my girlfriend and I) bought a 1971 RV in pretty bad shape. You can see it in these vlog episodes:

  • VLOG 1
  • VLOG 4
  • VLOG 5

We fixed it up a bit in the living compartment, as that is something we are familiar with. Me and my girl work with real estate. Non of us are not mechanics! After that we went to get it inspected, no problem. Then lived in it for a month on my parents farm. No problem. Finally we wanted to go out on a trip in it. Problem! It wouldn’t start. The starter or something failed us so we couldn’t go anywhere. A big bummer since we really wanted a trip in it after all work. Especially all my girlfriends work decorating it. It looked great! She is amazing at decorating. Very beneficial to me. I think that is what sold it.

Anywhooo. After not getting it running I decided to put an ad out to see if I could sell it because I didn’t want it standing around over winter when I’m not in Sweden.

I push started it and drove it out in the field for some nice pictures:

RV profits RV2 RV3 RV4 RV5 RV6 RV7 RV8

The ad generated a lot of interest, but one guy lived near by and sounded cool, so I decided to wait for him. Knowing that people are haggling like crazy on Blocket (the Swedish version of Craigslist) I put it out for a fairly high price. A cool guy from nearby came to see it and he had an awesome family so I liked him right away. They took it for a spin and it drove great. As always. Just the starting issues. It needed a push start every time.

He didn’t like the starter issues, I didn’t want to leave the RV standing outside over the winter, so negotiations.

We bought the RV for 12 000 SEK (Swedish kronor, out currency). Then spent about 1 500 SEK on paint and mattresses.

We sold the RV for 16 500 SEK. A profit :) Not a big one. But a profit. Then there is the month of housing. That should be included in the profit. Makes the profit bigger. And I like big profits :)

You might think I’m an idiot, but this is what it’s all about. Yes. Me and my girlfriend out some time to restore it. Right, we didn’t get any trips in it, but that’s not the point. We had an RV. We had fun with it. Saved money with it. Earned money with it.

The RV was great and the RV profits were great! I loved our RV. And I love my girlfriend :)