Climbing out of a rut

California was awesome, but for some reason it felt like I was in a rut. Sure, I got tons done with my online stuff, but I also started partying a lot, eating a lot and stopped working out properly. That, plus me feeling restless about not being able to do as much business as I wanted to. I didn’t feel like buying real estate there. I didn’t feel like buying a business there. I didn’t feel like trading stuff there. I didn’t feel like doing anything there.. So instead of being productive I got stuck in bad habits and just let them run. Not ideal..

When I got going with this road trip I decided to climb out of that and get back to being my best. I have been on the road for a week now and I am definitely on my way back up! I’m working out every day and the more I sweat the better I feel. I’m eating healthy and I’m doing all the right exercises to keep my body in its best possible condition (I have a chiropractor who sets this schedule up for me). All of these simple things that take two hours out of a day. Two hours out of the three I shaved off my sleep by being healthier and better. I started reading an inspirational book about real estate and business. I’m walking for at least one hour each day just thinking about how to get ahead in life.


All in all I’m just doing all of those basic things that can be really hard to find motivation for but you know what? They work! I bet there has been times when you have been stuck not feeling or doing great. If you ever end up there again, just do everything right. You will be surprised how good it feels if you just have the self discipline to follow through with it.


I’m feeling great and now there is even better times ahead! Love life!