Redneck center of America. In some ways at least.. I am about two hours into the state (on the Backroads that is). Going here meant passing like 50 to 100 road signs? So far I have only found two that hadn’t been shot at. 1 for the church and one for the sheriffs office.. I kid you not. Every single road sign has been shot at!


Still nice here though. Mobile was a pretty cool city and there are some nice places east of the same city. Lot’s of nice estates. Like a big plantation sort of houses, but thrown together. Looks like the Alabama coast has been a retreat for richer people since the late 1800’s. Almost a European touch to it.

One thing that has struck me as I have been driving around in America for a while is… flipping houses here would be awesome! In all metropolitan areas I find tons of distressed properties on really good locations. Places that would be really easy to transform into something spectacular and luxurious thanks to its good location. I find that in Europe you will have a much harder time finding properties like this in areas that are expensive.


Not sure 100% sure about the reason yet. I guess property taxes might help chasing some people away from the more exclusive areas in Europe. And the social culture. In Europe is being different is not as accepted here as in the US. That makes people living in less exclusive and maintained houses on fancy dresses more rare as it brings such social uncomfort?