Cocky businesscards!

But good ones. At least for me today.


My grandfathers name was the same as mine. He is the one who made theese cards some 65 years ago. At the time, leaving no information but his name seems sort of cocky. Might be the reason most of them are left for me to inherit.

Today they make more sense. Especially for me who is a bit more of a public person than my grandfather was.

Google is our main source of information. It’s a modern day telephone catalogue and EVERYTHING else at the same time. With a uniqe name like ours the competition for ranking high on a Google searh of it is very very small.

Therefor I belive a business card like the ones my grandfather made some 65 years ago suits me perfect today. Google “Lars Dyrendahl” and have a look yourself!

Have a super sweet thursday evening!