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easter and easter

Meaning I’m getting further and further east. I reached Louisiana today. Celebrated with a great jambalaya a few miles after the state line. The restaurant is the wooden house behind me, my bike and the girl with the Brushcutter. Besides that, not much going on. Austin, Texas was great. Houston just a big city. Environmentally […]

Small bike, big Texas :)

Just spent a nice evening with my buddy Toby. He flew here from San Diego. Flight was 3,5 hours. A similar flight would take me from Stockholm to Barcelona. That means I have covered a pretty good distance by now. And I’m still going strong!

El Paso, Texas

Just got here. This is a border city in Mexico. On the other side is Juarez. That’s where the drug mafia killed half of the police force and put them in the trunks of cars.. I’m not going there just now. Maybe another time.. So. Last few days have been all about riding. Went from […]

Lazy days

There are always two “red” days (holidays) after Christmas. Since Christmas eve was on a Wednesday we now have, or when I say we, I mean employed people now have Thursday and Friday off. Then comes Saturday and Sunday. In general people always have Saturdays and Sundays days off. That means 4 days of no […]