Downtown Tampa

As some of you might have noticed I’m in the United States at the moment. My plan is to see if I can flip a house and/or find investments that gives a good cash flow.

I know this might not be the ideal approach to making money, but I have my reasons for trying it out. For maximized profits my opinion is that most investors would probably be better off focusing on one market. Getting to know all regulations, making good connections, get an understanding of how it moves etc. etc.

So why would I cross the Atlantic ocean to invest when I’m already doing it successfully in Sweden? Hmm.. I think it’s as simple as this. I hate the winters and I prefer personal freedom. I also have a big ego and making it over here in the land of the free would be like feeding that ego with a MASSIVE steak :)

Then the weather. I like sunshine and shorts way more than scraping ice of the car window. My favourite place so far is southern California. This time, though, I’m in Tampa with its beautiful downtown and the tons of good real estate for sale in the area. The only problem is the massive amount of investors trying to do what I want to do which makes houses sell super quick..

Anyways… Yesterday evening we went on a bike ride downtown and had a picnic next to the river. Pretty cool place, isn’t it?







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