Does Copenhagen beat Stockholm?

Prices are on a run. According to the statistics I have gone through even more so in Copenhagen than Stockholm.

In Denmark they had a pretty big crash in real estate prices during the global financial crisis 2008. Since then it was pretty mellow for a few years, but now the pace has really picked up again.

Last year Copenhagen’s property prices shot up by 14.4%, to DKK25,625 (USD4,663) per square metre (13.65% inflation adjusted). Pre-crisis prices will be reached in six months if the trend continues. Detached/terraced houses in Copenhagen are now only around 10% less expensive than its peak value in late 2006 at DKK28,321 (USD 5,174) per sq. m..

Stockholm has also experienced a very intense growth with property prices up almost 12% last year to about SEK40,000 (5092.56 USD).

All in all. Even though they are talking about a boom in Copenhagen, Stockholm is pretty much just as bad (or good). The increase was a little smaller last year but prices higher. Looking forward to see what happens.