Business update

So here is what I’m up to right now.

# Trying to buy a house. A commercial building with a restaurant and 4 apartments in a location that would have been a perfect addition to my existing stock. There is also a lot with a buildning permit for yet another house with 4 apartments. As of now I am negotiating with the seller and my bank trying to make something work. Hoping to wrap this up soon as I really want this place.

# Trying to buy a house. A commercial building on a very exclusive location that would be nice to own. It requires a bit of work and the seller is a tough one, the realtor is very unmotivated and I’m a bit lazy. Suppose I don’t want it bad enough. The status is that I have the highest bid on the place right now, but it has yet to be accepted. We will see what happens here.

# Keeping my carpenters busy. I have two guys working for me this summer so I make sure to keep them busy, happy and motivated. Really good carpenters that helps making me some money and keep a good reputation by providing great jobs for a great value. Makes both me and my customers happy :)

# Negotiating on some land. This is fun, but a bit more sketchy. There are two different sellers who both have some land with four lots on each. Both out by the beach some 40 kilometers apart. Buying land like this is hard as it requires a lot of cash to both buy and then develop. But done right, there is big profits to be made. If I end up getting a great deal on any of these pieces of land I will try to do something using my investors.

# Creating possible business by putting the right people together. I met a very inspiring man on a horse event. He has developed an equestrian center and managed to get the municipality to grant him building permits for some 120 houses. This development requires someone with tons of money and tons of experience. I know that kind of people. As of now I think I’ll bring my favourite developer to the equestrian centre and see if they get along. Would be great for both of them.

# Working on creating my american economy. As my plan still is to do some sort of real estate business in Florida this autumn I want to get a creditscore. Right now I’m looking for my ideal creditcard and also a bank to connect it to.

# Writing on some chapters for the book. Have you read the first two yet? Check them out HERE!

# Trying to look good and feel healthy. This is actually hard. I try to eat right, walk atleast 10 000 steps a day, drink 2 litres of water and do some kind of workout (gym, tennis, running etc.) It all takes a lot of time but makes me feel really good. So good it’s probably worth the time it takes in increased productivity and energy.

And that’s about it, I think. I know it sounds like a bit of work, but it isn’t too bad. It all comes down to thinking and planning well. Knowing what to say to who, when and how. The thinking and planning is nice because it can be done while walking, hanging out on the beach or playing golf. Working with the head is the best!



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