I looked everywhere, but no luck. Not until my very good friend Tobias stepped in. As it was “fettisdagen” a few days ago I was planning to get myself a Semla (Swedish pastry that we eat on this special day every year). My first and only hope where I was pretty certain I would find one was at Ikea. Sadly that wasn’t the case. As it turned out I couldn’t even find “Sill” (fish in a can) in Ikea, San Diego. Not good there Mr. Kamprad.

Bummed out I looked all over San Diego, but nothing. Then, today, after a nice breakfast me and Tobias had on our local joint (my treat of course, even though it happened to be on the house this morning) we went for lunch. As we were having lunch, he told me about a Swedish bakery in the village of Poway. As I described my eagerness to get my hands on a Semla, he threw himself over the phone and managed to convince the owners of the Swedish bakery to hold their last Semla of the year for his buddy (me). And they did!

So, today, after a great day of us driving around in the MG, swimming in the pacific and so on. I got to enjoy a super tasty Semla at The Swedish Royal Bakery in Poway, California!