I found something out.

One of my favourite things is fresh juice. Wherever I go, finding cheap fruit juice always makes me happy. However. It’s not that common. Fruit is often pretty expensive. Prices here in California is ok. I think one of the cheaper ones I ever found was in Istanbul where my cousin lives. Like 1 Euro or something.

But. That’s not the only thing I like. As for most people there are of course several things. One of those other things is aspargus. And aspargus is ridicoulusly cheap here. 1 dollar easaly gets you enoguh for two persons. And that is great. So, since I can’t find cheap juice, I have less of that and more aspargus. Clever, ha??



Today is a great day here in San Diego. It’s about 27 degrees celcius and sunny. Me and my buddy Tobias had a long breakfast in the sun before going out paddleboarding for a few hours in Mission Bay.