They say, three…

Completely inspired by another blogger, I decided to write about three. Because according to some, three is the magic number.


Three things I look forward to
>> Going to Florida (next week!!)
>> Finishing a deal with my neighbour who is selling me his commercial building.
>> The croissant on Saturday :)

Three things I like
>> Business and doing deals
>> My family
>> Driving around in a nice car

Three thing I want
>> Making my goal of 10 million SEK in assets before July 26 next year.
>> Finishing the best book ever written!
>> Own and drive some more serious sports cars.

Three things I know how to do
>> Real estate deals
>> A nice breakfast?
>> Walk!

Three things that calm me down
>> Beeing outdoors
>> Kepping it nice and clean where I live and work
>> Having a glass of wine

Three things I will do this weekend
>> Send some bills
>> Make pizza for my family
>> Drink champagne and celebrate the latest deal that should be done on Friday

Three things I will write to end this blogpost
>> Today I’m off to Göteborg to look at a house I’m buying and moving here
>> I really like doing this blog and you guys rock!
>> I wish you the best of Thursdays!!



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