I did a search of my own name (do that every once in a while to see what pops up). Had a look at the image results and found this as the nr. 1 result:


That is not me. My question is if I should be upset that It’s not me in the nr. 1 spot or if I should be proud because it’s a pretty impressive man..? Can anyone see who it is? His name is Roger Alkelius. Roger owns a company called Alkelius fastigheter. They have more than 45 000 apartments in various European countries making about 2,6 billion Swedish Kronor in revenues each year. His accomplishments are very impressive and he is one of my idols within the business of real estate. So, even though I’m a bit bummed about not being the nr. 1 result on Google images when searching for my name, I’m glad Roger Alkelius is the one occupying my spot.

As for the second image, everything is back to order. Second photo:


This morning I went to have a look at a nice house with five apartments an old friend of mine was about to sell. Good place on a good location, but not something that fit’s my current investment strategies. Now, Lunch, then some packing and getting ready for my flight to Italy tomorrow.