the business way

I love business. It’s what I live for. Deals are great fun. So I figured Ill tell you guys how it shines thru in whatever I do.

About one month ago I bought an old MG. I think most of you have seen it in one of my blog videos? When I bought it I was (wouldn’t say lucky) but fortunate, to get a great price. However, since I always spend a lot of time researching and making sure I get a good deal, Im pretty much always “fortunate”.

Since I didn’t pay much, Im very likely going to make a profit out of driving and owning a fun car for a while and then selling it. But. My intention as I buy these stuff isn’t to make money on them. I buy them because I want them. As I own them I usually never want to sell them. I sort of fall in love with them.


What I need to sell them Is then more than what I paid for them. Therefore I usually do what I did today. I snap some photos of whatever it might be and put out an ad. The price is fair. I always want to provide value to potential customers. But there is still plenty of room for a nice profit as I found such a good deal when buying.

Then, as I don’t really want or need to sell, I can accept or deny any offers I want. No pressure.

This is actually something I do with most things I have got myself for fun. And, it is something that has actualy made me a fair bit of money. What happends is that I eventuelly get a good offer. And since the businessman inside of me love profits so much. I usually sell. Easy. What have you got to sell?