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Next years Gumball 3000 from Dublin to Istanbul

I just came across some information about next years Gumball 3000. Looks like a proper and fun Gumball route spread equally over western and eastern Europe. The 2016 Gumball 3000 will start in Dublin, Ireland on May 1st I think. From there they will go to Edinburgh, UK – London, UK – Annecy, France – […]

I found an old video of mine.

It has actually got quite a few views. People really like cars. All videos about cars tend to get a lot of attention. Fun! Watch it if you have a minute to spare. There were actually lot’s of nice cars there that day! Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBKhGJJrbrE If you aren’t already subscribing to my YouTube […]

Happy Friday

Here are some top-tips. If you speak swedish. There are some good “sommarprat”. Go to sr.se, then p1, then program, find “sommar & vinter i P1”, click it, find the tab “Lyssna på program” then browse among all “sommarpratare”. My favourites from this year is “Björn “nalle” Wahlroos”, “Oskar Kihlborg”, “Fredrik Wikingsson” and “Börje Salming”. […]

Next years Gumball 3000

Next year’s route has already been published. Pretty early, isn’t it? Still. Cool route. But that’s not all car related stuff for today. My buddy Tobias just sent me an e-mail telling me about how a Chinese man/ company bought everything that was left in the bankruptcy of Fisker Karma. As of right now, It […]