I have a book on Amazon, and it’s FREE!

I have a book available on Amazon and you can get it for free! It’s a short book about some of my experiences from the years in business.


I wrote the book to help you deal with the ups and downs of finding, buying and owning a rental property. If you are thinking about buying and owning a rental property, buy and read this free book!


Two properties filled with junk. One is a great opportunity, the other nothing but trouble!
What made them so different? I want to share simple strategies that help make your first property deal a safe, good and profitable one!

Learn how to overcome your fears and buy that first property. Learn how to calculate on the deal to know what you are getting yourself into. Learn how to deal with worst-case scenarios. Learn how to make your first investment property a good one, a fun one and a smooth one!

Property investing is a great way to make money and enhance your life.

Let me help motivate you to enter the world of real estate and make you dreams of passive income come true!