Working on a third chapter.

It was pretty much done and I was about to launch it when I got stuck in some calculations. Very funny as the chapter I’m about to release is about just that. Information about how I have calculated on the properties I have bought (or not). I know I’m not a master of real estate, but the calculating I have done so far has worked out well for me so I do hope there is information you can apply to make it easier in your ventures to!

A good calculation is like a business plan for a property. It should contain information about what you want or can do to increase profits.


ps. thanks for the inspiration for the chapter. Several of you super awesome people who share my interests have asked for information on the subject above so really hope you can find some useful stuff. If any of you have more tips on what to write about, let me know. Thanks!



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  1. Jonas

    Grymt! Kan inte du slänga iväg ett mail när du är klar med det kapitlet? Skulle jätte gärna vilja köpa det i förväg om det går :)?

  2. larsdyrendahl

    Hallå Jonas!

    Inga problem. Mail kommer så fort jag fått upp det. Ha bra söndag!

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