I think I want to build a house

This years challenge. To find a good lot, build a house and try to make a decent profit out of that. There are a lot of tasks involved in a project like this that I can definitely see myself enjoying. So where did this inspiration come from? Well. I just read an old document of mine on how to make sure you get a good profit out of it. The information in the document comes from my good friends who have made several million USD using that exact way of calculating (in Sweden).

If you want to see a video where I explain it or download the document, FIND IT BY CLICKING HERE.


I also have a feeling that the housing market in Swedens more popular areas is in a quite steep uphill. That means there could be some good money to be made in flipping the next few years, even though one has to be very careful to not get stuck with something if or when the market turns for the worse again.

Funnily enough, that takes us into another subject. The real estate market. I have written a document about that too. Find it BY CLICKING HERE