A new driveway

This is our new driveway to the two houses we are working on.

Three of the five houses here in Florida are now rented. The final two are undergoing some remodeling. I’ll make a video to show you around when done. I also made a video as we were buying the houses. You can see it HERE.

Yesterday I learned a good lesson. One of the hardest things to me is to outsource as I believe it takes more time to find someone good to help out than it takes me to just do the job. The problem with that mindset is that you ruin scalability. It also makes me feel like less of a businessman. When I feel like less of a businessman it’s harder to make good business decisions. Anyways, the lesson. I figured I’d have to do the driveway myself so started looking for a bobcat to rent. The best price was $450 plus diesel. As I found that a bit expensive I took a quick look at Craigslist before making the order, and good thing I did. Ended up finding a guy who came out with his machine and did the job for $500 that same afternoon :)