I have been Chasing Palm Trees for 12 years now.

Chasing palm trees means looking for a place in the sun that you can call home.

chasing palm trees

I have been out searching for 12 years now and I’m still not done.. As of today I have tried living in:

– Northern New Zealand (loved it, but too far away from my family.)
– Canary Islands (is nice but dosen’t feel like a real place to be.)
– Australia (is like New Zealand but bigger and less friendly.)
– Thailand (love the food and the climate but developing countries tires me out.)
– Southern Europe (Spain, France and Italy. It’s all great, but hard to get stuff done.)
– California (is the coolest, but full of dreamers that aren’t doing anything.)
– Florida (has the best climate in the winter, feels real, but pretty dirty.)

So what is my plan for the future? Well. I’m hoping a little something like this. As Florida is great in the winter and I can do Real Estate here. It’s a good winter home. As southern Europe is so awesome and rich in culture, I would love to spend spring and early fall there. Sweden doesn’t have any palm trees, but will still do for the summer months since I love my real estate there. Besides that, some random travels around the world and I bet I’ll be all good :)