Jon Olsson Invitational

It’s an awesome event arranged by a very cool Mr. Jon Olsson.

He used to be a professional Freeskier but changed disciplines and started competing in slalom after a bet with another Swedish skier, Jens Byggmark. I think the bet was 5 000 Euro if he made the 2014 Olympics. As of now it looks like that isn’t going to happen. Still. Impressive task.

He is also a major petrol head and into a lot of businesses. Have a look at his blog. Very entertaining!

As for me, I used to ski quite a bit when I was young. The career started great with my first races being held down here in one of our three slopes south of Stockholm. However, as I advanced and started going to races further north where they actually has some snow for the bigger part of year, I sucked (in comparison), got pissed of and went back home.

Since then I barely ever get on the snow (except some snowboarding very rarely). I pretty much try to get as far away from snow as possible spending most winters somewhere warm and sunny.