Jim Rohn, have you heard of him?

Jim Rohn is a superstar who helped inspirational people like Tony Robbins become the great influencers they are.

My friend introduced me to him and for some reason I feel very good hearing him go through his theories on how to be your best. It’s all the same, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill and so on, but some people get to me better than others.

He’s good, isn’t he? Jim Rhone. If you want more, Click Here.

I know there might be too much of this at times. All the positive thinking and mental preparation, but it makes all the difference, so let it be that way. Let’s look at it like
christian people going to church. The reason they go to church every Sunday is reminding themselves about their beliefs, their love and their values. I’m sure that positive thinking needs the same kind of constant reminding in order to work its best.

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