More meat and some beer :)

So. Today I’m out walking again. Was only suppose to take my buddys dog on a morning stroll but kept at it.

After three hours of walking south I ended up at Slaters 50/50. One of my favourite restaurants in town where you get to build/ design your own burger. Met my buddy there for lunch as he picked up Loki the dog.


My burger is all rare beef with some sallad, jalapenos and salsa under it. No bun. Very very nice!

After lunch I walked another two hours around San Diego airport to old town where I had some coffee before heading on to where I am right now.


This is Coronado brewing company. They make a delicious IPA called the Islander and you can have it in their bar that is brilliantly located in the middle of their brewery. Splended place to drink beer.


Days like theese are great. I have been listening to Think and grow rich all day and gets heaps of time to think and plan my next moves. Life is good :)