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I wanted to save something to one of my external hard drives. As I had it connected I couldn’t help but going through some of my old photos. Below are 13 of them from the early days. I might add to this list with more recent ones later. Enjoy :)


1. Belgium 2006. Me and Toby went on a road trip through Europe in mid June as weather in Sweden was rubbish at the time. Got back in time to celebrate midsummer. Good trip that one.


2. My white trash, 500 USD a month apartment that I stayed in from 2007 until 2010 when I bought my first house. I actually liked it there and felt right to stay for cheap and spend some more on trips etc.


3. The 134 meter Nevis bungyjump. Awesome!! 8,5 seconds free fall is a lot! 2005 I think??


4. My mother trying to raise me…


5. Bummer.. Forgot to send the invites for my birthday party.. I have never eaten so much cake as that stupid birthday back in 2006…


6. New Zealand, 2005. I stayed there for half a year. My means of transportation was a cheap old motorbike that I decided to drive around the whole country when my friend came to visit. As it was pretty worn it kept falling more and more apart until it finally gave up on us and I gave it to a farmer before hitch hiking back to Auckland…


7. Another great Eurotrip with Toby. This time in his GMC YUKON SUBURBAN XL. It was a super cold February in Sweden so we decided to drive to Portugal.


8. And yet another one! We stayed in Singapore for a few days on our way back from Indonesia, Toby and I. The picture above is from Raffles hotel where we had the drink they also invented in that same bar, the Singapore Sling.


9. Winning!! Swedish champions in Volleyboll back in 2004.


10. Moonshining for Christmas. It turned out really well.


11. Showing of my tattoo in the car while on the Autobahn in Germany. I got it in Indonesia while under the influence of alcohol. No major disaster, though. It only costed me 80 cents.


12. First time trying to ride a Trial. No major success, but complete dedication.


13. Do not touch! Yet another trip with Toby. This is from when we went to Vietnam where we looked at goods to import. Sadly, no deals, but tons of fun!



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  1. Lars Jörgensen

    Jäklar vad du har varit ute och rest grabben. Sen måste jag säg du verkar jävligt ärlig och kompetent!

  2. larsdyrendahl

    Tack Jörgensen :)

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