Next few weeks.

I’m trying to figure out a plan for the next few weeks. I want to stay in Falkenberg with my family and dog for Christmas. That’s next week. Before then I might want to go to Copenhagen and meet up with some friends. That means Id have to go down there this weekend. Might do that.

After Christmas I will try to go hang out with my buddy Johan for a few days. He has a super impressive career going on so hard for us to find the time to hang out these days. Not like 5 – 10 years ago when we were all bummed out surf/ skate/ moto kids just drifting around doing nothing for years. Still. Wouldn’t want to go back. I love getting ahead. Building my empire or what not.

For New Years I haven’t really decided yet. A few good options so need to make up my mind. One option is going down to the Alps where my new buddy and business partner Andres Lundblad lives. He’s taking over one of my houses and is a super cool guy living a life very similar to mine. Another option is Madeira. Madeira is a Portugese island on the coast of Africa that I have been wanting to visit for a long time. I need to go through all my bookkeeping before handing it over to my accountant and might as well go do it somewhere nice where I can sit outside while working. The third option is to stay around here and hang out with friends and family. Fifth option is going to some other friends somewhere else. Or I could… Well. Need to think about that for a while.

After doing one of the things mentioned above I’m flying back to California on the 17th of January. Feels great as I love being there. The weather is perfect, friends are really cool and life is just nice. About them friends. I have probably told you about Tobias several times. He is pretty much the reason I became an entrepreneur and actually started designing my life the way I wanted it. What he has done for me is priceless. Then there is Mathew Robinson. As I was in Cali last year he followed his dream and founded a super cool Yogastudio that is destined to become a chain of yoga studios. He started a side project just this month trying to teach people how to become better entrepreneurs. If you like some of the stuff I’m writing and doing, have a look at his stuff HERE. I bet you will love it!

So. That’s what’s up. Time for me to go have a look at the progress of a build of a cabin I helped my golf buddy to get hold of.